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An Overview of SSC Part-I Result of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education announced the results of Secondary School Certificate Part I and Part II in the month of July. This blog attempts to appraise the students’ performance in SSC-I 2016 exam. Our next week’s blog will present review of SSC-II 2016 results. An analysis of SSC-I and SSC-II 2015 results was posted last year too on August 6, 2015.

Stats of Appearing Candidates

Regular Candidates

A total of 69,238 regular students appeared in SSC-I exam in Science group. Out of them, 41,997 were boys and 27,241 were girls. 9,477 regular students appeared in SSC-I Exam in Humanities group. Out of them 1,972 were boys and 7,505 were girls. Thus, the total number of regular students who appeared in the SSC-I Exam was 78715 (both Science and Humanities groups).

Table 1: Data of Regular Candidates




Both boys and girls









Both Science and Humanities




As evident from the table above, the candidates belonging to Humanities group were predominantly girls, while the participation rate for the Science group was higher for boys. Overall, out of the total 78,715 regular candidates, 44% (34,746) were girls while 56% (43,969) were boys.



Ex/Private Candidates

A total of 14,692 students appeared in the SSC-I exam as ex/private candidates, of which 10,823 belonged to the Science group while 3,869 candidates were from the Humanities group.

For the Humanities group, the gender gap in participation rates was less pronounced amongst ex/private candidates as compared to the regular candidates.On the contrary, for the Science group, the gender disparity was starker for the ex/private candidates as compared to the regular candidates.

Accumulatively, 93,407 candidates appeared in both regular and ex/private categories. 80,061 (86%) candidates appeared in Science group and 13,346 (14%) candidates appeared in Humanities group. Overall, the percentage of candidates who appeared in SSC-I Exam 2016 was 66%.

Performance of the Candidates

Regular candidates performed better than ex/private candidates by having a pass percentage of 73.1%. On the contrary, the pass percentage of ex/private candidates was as low as 26.6%.


The performance of both regular and ex/private candidates is summarised in Figure 4. It shows that within both the Science group and the Humanities group, regular candidates outperformed the ex/private candidates. Gender-based comparison reveals that girls performed better than boys in all the four categories shown in the graph. The highest pas percentage was that of the girls from the regular Science group i.e. 83.5% while the lowest was that of the boys belonging to the ex/private Humanities group i.e. 15.2%.



Following major trends can be inferred from the analyses presented above:

  • 1-More number of regular candidates appeared in the SSC-I exam 2016 as compared to ex/private candidates.
  • 2-Science group candidates outnumbered the Humanities group candidates.
  • 3-More boys appeared in the exams as compared to girls in Science group.
  • 4-More girls appeared in the exam as compared to boys in Humanities group.
  • 5-Girls performed better than boys in all the groups.
  • 6-Regular candidates performed better than ex/private candidates.


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