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The Week in Education (12th to 18th September 2016)

The 13th of September marked Eid-ul-Azha in Pakistan because of which offices were closed from 10th to 14th September. For this reason, last week’s education news wrap up includes stories from Monday, Friday and the weekend only.

Schools neglected in KPK

Facilities and amenities have been missing in girls’ government high schools in Swabi, KPK and in Matta Tehsil, where many girls are being forced to leave school because of a dangerous school building. While at the Sigram government primary school in Kabal Tehsil, students are overcrowded into small classrooms and 2 classes are being taught in each classroom of the primary school. This story has garnered enough attention that three different, well known newspapers reported on the situation.

HSSC results announced

Various Intermediate and Secondary Education boards announced HHSC results last week on Friday. Results are available for the regions of:

Notable Editorials

Zubeida Mustafa wrote an opinion piece in the Dawn regarding the EFA GMR report and on the reasons why Pakistan is failing to meet global education targets. Similarly, Rabea Malik also weighed in on the education debate and spoke of missing pieces and important additions to education policies.

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