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The Learning Generation

The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity released a report titled “The Learning Generation: Investing in education for a changing world.” The purpose of this report is to move state and non-state actors to take action towards enhancing education opportunities. This movement and vision is being called the #LearningGeneration


The Commission calls for what is commonly known in Pakistan as an “education emergency”, where all resources from government and development partners go full force towards meeting education targets. The reason why it is important to meet these goals now is the strong ties of educational attainment with economic development.


Education and essential skills are important to allow for bettering of individual potential, social development and national economic growth. According to the report, 40% of employers today have difficulty recruiting individuals that meet the job’s required skill set. Focusing on education and skills will generate better outcomes in the job market which will in turn help with reducing poverty and income inequality and will increase economic growth. With these aims in mind, it is important not only to utilize international resources, but also to mobilize domestic resources for education.


The infograph below shows that returns on education investment are worth the funding; 1$ invested towards education in lower-middle income countries, such as Pakistan, can lead to $3 in earning benefits.

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