We don't just give you an open access to data but we also bring to you various data based trends analyses and research briefs or papers in this section of Dashboard. There are two further sub-sections in Dashboards section. As you can see below, one sub-section is of Research and the second one is of Themes.

In the Research sub-section you can find different quantitative data analyses, policy briefs and policy papers. The basis purpose of sharing them is to give you some ideas about how you can carry out research in the field of education and data sceinces.

In the Themes sub-section you will find descriptive information about important indicators of education and nutrition. The descriptions and visual data representations in the Themes section are also data based. If you want ready made information about the overall situation of education and nutrition in Pakistan then our Dashboards section is the best source of quick information gathering.


This section contain...

This section contains policy briefs, working papers and other analyses done by PDP team.


This section contain...

This section contains graphical descriptions of Education and Nutrition related data.