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In this section you can enjoy an open access to a large number of datasets. Majority of the datasets are on Education sector followed by Nutrition sector datasets. All the datasets that are uploaded in this section are derived from published data reports of private and public organisations. The data is shared in a single place in a machine-readable and comparable format allowing users to browse as well as download files and merge the data to compare and contrast across regions and years. The PDP provides the data processed through the system of quality control.

PDP offers you different options to use the available data. Most simple option is of downloading. You can download any dataset in excel or CSV format and run your analysis offline.

PDP has gone a step further to bring advance online data analysis feature on the portal. If you want to save time and make meaningful data visuals in the form of charts, graphs and choropleths then you can analyse a dataset online. Choropleth (Map) is the most powerful data representation tool that the researchers are increasingly using these days. So we hope that you are going to use the online data analysis features of PDP and represent your data in interactive visual forms.

The collection includes current and historic data with comparable statistics at national, provincial, district, and Tehsil level. Such a huge database and state-of-the-art data analysis features will allow you to compare datasets with the help of charts, graphs, maps and other data visualisation tools.

HEC Ranking Score 2012

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HEC Ranking Score 2014

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HEC Ranking Score 2015

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HEC Ranking Score 2013

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