Linked Data

Linked Data is a way to collate data on for an indicator from different sources. Pakistan Data Portal enables its users to pool multiple source based data on large number of indicators related to multiple themes. This feature also helps them to pool that data with different levels of segregations and for different years.

Pakistan Data Portal has a normalized and rationally linked meta-data dictionary which serves as the brain of PDP system and it is one of the most advance Indicator dictionary in the world with three level of linked information about indicator measurement. These three level are:

We call them the 3Ds of Indicator Dictionary. Each Indicator can have multiple descriptions (measurement) and each description can have multiple details. All this is linked with each other and with data segregation.

The linkage of data in PDP system is achieved through Database normalization. This allows system to follow strict rules to ensure data quality in PDP system as any data that is uploaded in the system must clear all the checks and balances embedded in this dictionary.